Close-up of people hands holding plant together .

Close-up of people hands holding plant together .

When I lived up north I was an avid organic gardener.  I learned the tomatoes were happy when I prepared the soil well, fed it compost, oriented the plot toward the sun, watered it deeply, planted at the right time, picked off the bugs, drowned the slugs, planted basil on one side of them and marigolds on the other. We had a lot of tomatoes, and more zucchini than any human being could ever eat.

My garden thrived, even after I got bored of weeding in mid-summer. I made peace with the plants and the weeds, sent them love and good vibes. We enjoyed lots of fresh tomato sauce and zucchini parmigiana.

As a leader, I discovered that people are happy when you feed and acknowledge them well, keep the politics and corporate BS away from them, make sure they have the opportunity to shine in some endeavor, and make sure it’s safe to fail once in a while when it means they’re learning.

I’ve learned that people thrive when they know we see their strengths and have their best interests at heart and we are crystal clear about what we expect of them.  Take a moment to think about what you need and what you offer as a leader. As positive leaders we have the opportunity to help people flourish and help our organizations thrive. What steps will you take today to help your garden grow?


Welcome to the first edition of Keep ’em Happy. After 18 plus years I am retiring  the Customer Care Tip.  With this new publication, it’s my intention to write a little more often, be a little more concise and insightful, and offer thoughts and ideas that will be useful in both your professional and your personal life.

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