Just before I sat down to say ‘Thank You’ to all of you who took time out of your day to complete the survey I sent recently, I got an email from Gallup connecting me to their latest – and somewhat disturbing – report.


Usually employee engagement and well being go hand in hand, but during the pandemic employees were engaged but they were also stressed and worried.


Normally when employees are engaged and thriving at work burnout decreases and productivity improves. Now that is diverging – especially for the the people that had no experience working at home and were forced to do that due to the pandemic.


Gallup is issuing a warning that leaders should be prepared for rising burnout which will undermine health and productivity. Industries and sectors employee large numbers of women have to be particularly vigilant. Workplace cultures have to be particularly accepting and supportive of women’s “heroic juggling act.”

There are going to be many challenges ahead. I must say I was delighted and rather pleasantly surprised with the survey I did, here’s what I found:


When it comes to dealing with the pandemic personally:

52% are doing very well and adjusting
22% are still finding it very challenging and doing well enough
19% report somedays good, somedays bad
The balance said “other” and half of those responses were positive


When it comes to the company they own or work for:

39% Are doing well and 2021 will be a great year
35% Doing okay and finding their way
3% Were really impacted and haven’t found their way yet
And the balance of “others” were about 50% positive


When I asked you to RANK these 5 items in order of priority

Cutting Costs was rated a 4 out of 5
Productivity rated 3.1
Morale at work rated 3.0
Emotional well being of employees 2.9
Customer care 2.0


What’s funky, broken or sad?

Losing the physical connection with people. Vacations at a standstill. Lacking of “owning” my own job. Its all about the bottom line and the people at the bottom get crushed. Some core execs are not in touch with staff and are mostly unapproachable. People are overreacting. Nothing. More zoom meetings and hybrid meetings. Watching so many people deal with anxiety and stress. There’s no longer a “clock out.” Emails 24/7. Work is always there at my kitchen table waiting. Fear. Inaction. Virtual meetings suck. Some people refuse to adapt to new ways.


What’s going well and why?

People are getting more done without distraction of office. Co-workers are friendly and welcoming, even when overworked. Their loyalty is admirable and even inspiring. Team pulling together, knowing the goal and making a difference daily. My own personal mindset. Increased openness and communication, creating a safe environment to be real. Everyone is focused on serving the customer. More attention to detail. We come to work everyday positive and full of energy, it’s definitely contagious. Amazing client that continue to support us because of a focus on personal service.


What kind of help do you need there to make the company what you know it’s capable of being at its best? (e.g. better leadership and communication skills, better customer care, training, conflict resolution, stronger/better/clearer culture etc.) ? 

All of the above. Hope and happiness. Better communication. Improving trust among managers. CSR’s need a dose of positivity. Additional training. Communication skills and conflict resolution. Financial guidance. “Counseling” when returning to office.


Here’s an interesting comments among the many that stood out:


Remind executives about the importance of keeping employees happy. Too often the message is focused on sales and growth…I’m sure there are other measures of success that go beyond the bottom line.


And here’s one that really warmed my heart:

I first attended a presentation by you when I was a TEC member many years ago. At the time I was a typical hard-driving, take no prisoners CEO. Your message about positivity got through to me and I have carried it with me since.


So as you can see it’s a mixed bag. Take a look at where your priorities are and keep an open dialog with your people. Feel free to use some of these questions with them.


I’m hoping that you can take heed from what Gallup said and focus on the things that are going well and make sure you are helping those who need help. It’s a time for more openness and more real conversation.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey.

Please take the few minutes it will take to read the Gallup Survey on Engagement and Well-Being

And pick up the phone to call if you want some guidance as to how to navigate these challenging waters!

With much gratitude and appreciation,


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