I was in Miami the other day delivering a half day workshop on Building Customer Loyalty: Sharpening Your Competitive Edge. That particular program is “required” for all first year Vistage CEO Groups in Florida.

That makes sense. Customer Loyalty is foundational to success.

So at the meeting, we get on the topic of Branding. One of the members had just gone through a re-branding process in his company and judging by the look on his face and that of his business manager, it was refreshing. They both smiled ear to ear while discussing it. A new look, a new website and I’d guess a new outlook as well.

I seized the moment.

The timing was perfect – we had just gotten to my slide on “Authenticity”, and I had already repositioned Customer Service (which I believe is reactive in how we think of it) with Customer CARE – Create Authentic Relationships with Energy and Enthusiasm – so the moment was right to deliver a cautionary tale.

So many companies rebrand themselves with a new look, which is great. But if they don’t rebrand themselves with a new FEEL, what have they changed but the book cover? (So to speak.)

Branding is all about making impressions on your customer’s mind (and hopefully on their hearts and souls as well). Customer Experience is all about getting them to feel a specific way as a result of all the value you offer.

“So,” I cautioned, “Be sure you are looking at how a customer experiences your company and feels about your company as your biggest branding opportunity yet.”

When a customer feels good (positive emotions) about the value you deliver (vis a vis what they expected or desired and whether or not it was in alignment with your stated “brand”) they walk away having experienced the goodness of your brand. It’s that experience they will remember and remark about.

That in effect is your brand. The WHOLE experience of doing business with you.

Changing the face of a company is not enough.

Discovering and delivering on the VALUES that your company holds dear will insure that your Authentic Unique Self is what you offer to the customer. When you are able to offer the passion, the creativity, the ingenuity, and the spark that is uniquely yours (AKA a values based culture) the customer will feel your brand.  

Customer Loyalty – and the economic advantage that comes with it – is based on emotion. When customers form an emotional attachment to you they will put their Energy in Motion (E-Motion) and become your advocate, your sales person and even your evangelist.

If you haven’t looked deeply into your values lately – I have two suggestions – I have written down many of the processes I use to uncover values in an organization and if you are up for doing it for yourself – I’ve got a Special Report that will guide you.

Making the Intangible Tangible will help you identify your values and put them into ACTION. It’s the best $49 you’ll ever spend if you don’t yet understand what makes your company special.

Alternately – call me at 561-279-0027 – and invite me to come in and facilitate a process for you that will get to the heart and soul of your business.

Let’s all get real about what matters,


PS Building Customer Loyalty MasterMind Groups forming NOW for Customer Service Directors, HR and Business Owners who want to dedicate one day a month to learning, interacting, growing and understanding how to build lifetime profitable customer relationships.


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