Who’s Your Gladys? How to Turn Even the Most Difficult Customer into Your Biggest Fan

Who’s Your Gladys? How to Turn Even the Most Difficult Customer into Your Biggest FanI love books! They spill out of my bookshelves and sit on my nightstands and even on my favorite chair. My favorite books though, are the ones that can be read and referenced time and time again. Who’s Your Gladys? How to Turn Even the Most Difficult Customer into Your Biggest Fan by Marilyn Suttle and Lori Jo Vest is one of those must-have books.

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Here’s an excerpt from chapter one of their useful book “Who’s Your Gladys? How to Turn Even the Most Difficult Customer into Your Biggest Fan”

It’s a wonderful story about Professional Movers, a world-class moving company located in Walled Lake, Michigan.

“Eighty-seven-year-old Gladys has a reputation among her fellow retirement community members. She’s known as a cranky complainer who is impossible to please. But to her surprise, when she called Andrew Androff’s company, Professional Movers, to move her into her new apartment, she was treated with warmth and respect. When her sales rep, Chris, visited her home to quote the job, he noticed her prickly personality and made a conscious decision to focus on her spunk and tenacity. By the end of his visit, Gladys had bonded with Chris and booked the move.

On moving day, there was a mishap. One of the movers accidentally cracked Gladys’s marble tabletop. Andrew knew that she would be furious. Determined to set things right, he prepared himself to let her vent before she could even think about possible solutions. As predicted, Gladys had steam shooting out her ears.

Andrew felt compassion for her while she vented and assured her that his company would have the table repaired, and that if she wasn’t satisfied with the results, he would replace it. Although he continued to reassure her that things would be set right, she was still spitting mad. Gladys wanted to talk to Chris, who had sold her on the company in the first place, and Andrew promised to have Chris call her as soon as he came into the office.

Chris arrived dead tired after a long day filled with meetings with potential new customers. When Andrew told him about Gladys and asked if he’d be willing to call her, Chris responded, ”No way. She’s going to need more than a phone call. I’ll stop by her house on my way home.” Chris arrived at Gladys’s house ready to comfort her through her anger and outrage. Then he assured her that he would personally oversee the repair of her table. This calmed her down, and she thanked him for coming over.

Unfortunately, the repair was less than perfect. Andrew knew that he had to set things right, even though doing so would be expensive. He called Gladys and promised that she could meet Chris at the marble store and personally pick out her new marble tabletop. Since Chris knew that Gladys didn’t drive, he called and arranged to pick her up and take her to the store himself.

Gladys is now living at one of metropolitan Detroit’s premier retirement communities with her new marble table. While it cost Andrew and his employee Chris extra time and extra money to make things right, the payoff was outstanding. Gladys tells everyone moving into or out of her assisted living complex that they have to hire Professional Movers if they want to work with the best movers in town. High and persistent praise from such a hard-to-please person attracts attention. As a result, Andrew’s company is now the number one choice of movers for Gladys’s retirement complex. By creating a culture that values compassionate connection with his customers, Andrew has built a referral base that has helped his sales grow by over 40 percent in two years.

This culture of connection has been particularly effective in building a strong business with senior citizens. Seniors often move from their homes to be nearer to their children or to retire to a senior community. Professional Movers has found this population to be a good fit for its particular style of customer service, so it put a great deal of effort into developing the market segment.

Everyone at Professional Movers makes a practice of creating a human connection with their clients. The staff members show respect for their clients’ wisdom, experience, and opinions. They also know how moving affects their clients, both physically and emotionally. It isn’t easy leaving behind the security of their homes, their friendships with neighbors, and the familiarity of their routines. Andrew’s employees are trained to be sensitive to the unique issues of downsizing. They are sensitive to the emotional connection to their precious family heirlooms that senior citizens feel as they leave behind the past. Professional Movers strives to give seniors the sort of service they would receive if their own family were doing the job.

”It’s like we’re their sons,” Andrew said with a laugh. ”We get very close with their families. We interview their caregivers and their social workers. It really helps us develop a customized process to address their concerns.” This needs-based approach to both customer service and sales has helped the company become the top provider of moving services in metropolitan Detroit’s retirement market.”

I loved this story because it really demonstrates that every mistake is an opportunity! Everybody has a Gladys. I’ll bet sometimes you are “Gladys”. I know that sometimes I am!

Enjoy “Who’s Your Gladys? How to Turn Even the Most Difficult Customer into Your Biggest Fan” – get some wonderful gifts from Marilyn and Lori Jo. Share it with your team and get them to understand how to look for the hidden opportunity in every challenge.

Have a great week – and remember – when you order the book this week you get the goodies! www.whosyourgladys.com/paperbacklaunch


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