Goal Ahead

Wow.  It’s still the beginning of Feb and I have a whole business plan done. My dear colleague Carolyn Watt helped facilitate that and it happened quite by chance. Or maybe not. Carolyn’s Site


In January I was sitting on the floor in the living room (where I do the really serious work) surrounded by papers, post it notes and finally a mind map with all my ideas of what I wanted to do with myself and the business in the next few years when I said out loud, “Now what? How will I ever figure out how to get all this done?”  (Yes, I talk out loud.)


A few days later in a previously scheduled “catch-up” phone call Carolyn told me that she was now facilitating something called a one page business plan. Now for someone as .. ah.. wordy as I am, this seemed impossible. But with the mind map of ideas and the skillful coaching that Carolyn delivered the process was relatively painless and yesterday I finished it.


I have all the confidence in the world that I will achieve it too – one because of my passion and desire for it – and secondly because I have several layers of support and accountability already set up.


Let’s see there’s my Diamond Club group  Diamond Club and I’m part of Phil Humbert’s Git’er Done program too – we just had a meeting last week.    PhilipHumbert


That’s a lot of support. We all need support. This year I’ll be starting some local Mastermind Groups for just that reason. I’ll be announcing them within a month. Peer groups work well and in these days, help us stay on track and in focus. There are a lot of distractions out there! I have big plans and I want to be sure to achieve them.


Are you working towards the goals you set in Jan? Have you set yourself up for success?

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