Happy Anniversary

It’s Jim Blasingame’s 13th anniversary. That’s amazing dedication – he’s been on the air every day for 13 years as the Small Business Advocate.


I’ve had the pleasure of being on his “brain trust? for 11 of those years. Do you have a brain trust? Do you have people you can go to for help, advice, support, feedback and reality checks?


Jim’s story has been the same for 13 years – small business owners are his heroes. He’s worked tirelessly to get sponsorship for his program so he can broadcast every day. Once a week on Sunday he writes a newsletter and his site is chock full of value for any small business need or question. Jim knows how to create massive amounts of value for his listeners and customers.


He even gets us on the Forbes site. You can listen to my programs here Brandi Interviews


Thanks Jim for all you do for small business. We are the future and we love you!

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