Happy Valentines

A day dedicated to love. How nice.


Everyone every where seems to be smiling today. At the farmer’s market this morning, the several stops I made today, even the dry cleaners where I complained about the stains they added to my cute little red jacket.


The supermarket seemed brimming with couples picking out their dinners together and people buying last minute gifts of flowers and candy and wine. One guy actually tried to pick me up while I was deciding whether or not to but fig vinegar for the fresh arugula salad I’m making tonight.


It was cute.  A rare happening and quite a bit of fun.


It’s nice to see people smiling more…


More later. Now that I have finished writing two more programs, I’ll be back to blogging. Striving to live the fully engaged life, I’m learning that I can not do it all. At least all at the same time without it impacting my creativity.


Glad to be back.

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