“Let yourself be silently drawn by the
strange pull of what you really love.”


Before this year melts into next, take a little “Time in” to reflect, remember, review, re-frame, relax, rejuvenate and then, reawaken that childlike quality within you that is in its essence pure joy, pure wonder.

Take a glance back and ask:

What did I love doing the most this past year?
What touched my heart? What did I truly appreciate?
What made my heart sing?
What would I love more of next year?
What can I leave behind and let go of because it no longer supports me?
What’s the most meaningful part of my work and how can I spend more time there?
How can I be kinder to myself and others next year?

In the magic and wonder of the spirit of the season, you can use your Positive
Leadership skills to savor and enjoy the goodness of your past year and set up
your positive intentions for your new year.

Ask others to share their thoughts on what they loved the most and what touched their hearts.
Ask others about the things they appreciate and want more of. Share in the good vibes
these conversations cause. Emotions are contagious ~ spread around the good ones!

What a wonderful idea at holiday time – spread around your own wonderful
combo of positive emotions – mix and match, pick and choose:

Amusement Appreciation Awe
Comfort Competence Confidence
Curiosity Elevation Enchantment
Gratitude Happiness Hope
Inspiration Interest Joy
Love Optimism Pleasantly surprised
Pleased Pride Relaxed
Secure Serene Special
Valued Welcome Wonder

We wish you a holiday season filled with any and all of the above! Caring is contagious ~
please help us spread the word ~

Many blessings,

JoAnna Brandi & Company, Inc.

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