The world has changed dramatically. It feels like almost overnight, but I know for the business owners and managers struggling to make the hard decisions about whether or not they need to let people go, close facilities and restructure their businesses, these last two weeks feels like forever.


So many, like people in any part of the “meetings” business, watched all their business go away in a flash as the orders came out to stay away from crowds. Hotels, restaurants, sign companies, florists, speakers and so many more. If we didn’t know we were all connected to one another before, we surely know it now.


We all know what happened then. As a speaker and workshop facilitator I can attest to how quickly it all came crashing down.


We’re now in week 2 or 3 in the US depending on where you live. Another 30 days of staying at home ahead. Another 30 days of digging deep down inside ourselves. Now that the initial shock and grief is behind us it’s time to find out what you are made of.


Are you made of the values that hang on the wall, the purpose you work for, the vision seems suddenly gone?


Do you truly believe that positivity and optimism can rise in any situation? Can you show up and be the best that you can be?


It may not be easy but it’s simple. Create some new questions for yourself. Where are we strongest? How can we use or purpose to pull us, uplift us, and elevate our spirits so we have the focus and energy to make it through to the other side?


I’m focused on what’s ahead. Possibility and opportunity. Personal growth and expansion. Staying whole, staying grounded and remaining optimistic.


That doesn’t mean the downside doesn’t s*ck. That doesn’t mean I’m missing the gravity of what’s happening in our world. I’m practicing realistic optimism. I’m not ignoring the negative. I’m choosing to focus on what I can do that is positive.


Somedays I ask only simple questions of myself. How do I stay healthy and strong? How do I expand my sense of humor?


How do I change how I see things so I am almost always looking through the eyes of gratitude and love?

How might I reach a hand out to people who need support or advice?


You’ve heard me say it before – every quest begins with a question.

What else is possible?  What’s going well and why? What next?


And the most important question of all:

How can I help?


In what ways can I support you in this interesting, thought-provoking and challenging time?

Please let me know. The door is open. n what ways can I support you in this interesting, thought-provoking and challenging time? Please let me know. My door is open. I’m here in service and with caring. We will get through this together.

With blessings and gratitude


I thought you might enjoy seeing this video it’s an interview with Brad Cousins

This Video was recorded last week when Vistage Chair and CEO Brad Cousins contacted me with this request. He said he’d worked and night as his clients had to come up with some solutions that would work in the current crazy. The adrenaline level was coming down a bit and starting asking about they keep employees and customers engaged and happy. Could I help out and give them some thoughts on that. I was happy too. Brad works with dozens of Chief Executives in all kinds of businesses.



** Image by Alexei Scutari


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