So the big problem we face now – in the medical system as well as in the business world (and perhaps in our own lives) is no longer ignorance but ineptitude.

Think back to when you were “PG” – Pre-Google. Back then, most people lived just fine happily not knowing what they didn’t know. It’s a different world today. Ineptitude


With a world of information at your fingertips, whether you’re wondering how to make a flawless soufflé, manage your blood pressure without drugs or create the kind of experiences at work that keep both employees and customers happy, you can easily learn what works and what doesn’t.


Atul Gawande, in his marvelous book, The Checklist Manifesto, tells us that for nearly all of history, our lives have been governed primarily by ignorance. He uses examples out of his own life as a surgeon. For instance, he speaks of how the treatment of heart attacks has evolved in the last 50 years. That means that around the time my Dad has his first heart attack, there really was very little known about what caused them and how to prevent them from happening again. Dad got lucky back then – he survived it.


Today there are over a dozen different ways to effectively reduce the likelihood of having a heart attack, and dozens of ways to treat them if you do.


So the big problem we face now – in the medical system as well as in the business world (and perhaps in our own lives) is no longer ignorance but ineptitude.


Since most people know what needs to be done – to stay healthy, to create loyal relationships, to make businesses function better – that doesn’t mean they apply the knowledge they have consistently, correctly or compassionately.


As I teach Positive Leadership skills around country and through the internet, I routinely discover that people enthusiastically nod their heads, and often say things like, “I knew that” when I talk about appreciation, recognition and working from strengths.


Of course you do. Most human beings understand at the deepest level what other human beings want from a relationship – business or otherwise.


But here’s the rub – just because we know, doesn’t mean we do, and do it well.


According to Dr. Gawande, the balance of ignorance and ineptitude has shifted in the 21st century.

For the most part we know what we have to do.


Are you doing it?


Are you creating value – tangible and intangible – for what really matters to your customers and your employees (who are your other customers)? How sure are you that your customers’ needs for value haven’t changed since last you checked? Are you sharpening your leadership skills regularly so your employees aren’t sharpening their resume writing skills?


According to Gallup’s latest study 51% of currently employed adults are looking for new jobs or watching for new job opportunities.


That’s one big fat scary number.


Could ineptitude on the part of leaders be part of the problem? Perhaps they know what but maybe don’t know how.


Want to make sure you’re doing all you can to keep both your employees AND customers happy?


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