Companies that live in the “continuous improvement – fail forward fast” ethic have bright spirits! Their people shine. Culture is the Soul of your business.

I was thrilled when I was invited to be on the Soul of Business Podcast :


That’s because every business has a Soul. Every business has a spirit. You can feel it. You can see it. And in some cases you can smell it.


I was once visiting a potential joint venture partner. We met in the executive offices and then I was to have a tour of customer service and all other departments. We had a pretty good meeting, I was feeling upbeat about the possibilities. The opportunity would have afforded me the ability to create a product line and a distribution channel for clever and useful renditions of my work in customer happiness.


Then we took the walk. Outside of the executive offices was a long, smelly and dirty corridor. It seems that had poorly vented printing presses on the premises which were producing soot and smell. It was hard to get out of my nostrils. I met and interviewed the people in the customer service department (which had a serious clutter problem) before moving on to the fulfillment department.


I’ll spare you the details.


I left feeling like this company had a dark soul. I didn’t want to work with them – despite what seemed to be great opportunities.


That was such a contrast from almost all the people who hire me. What they have in common is a desire to excel and a desire to see their people – employees and customers – excel as well.


Companies that live in the “continuous improvement – fail forward fast” ethic have bright spirits! Their people shine.


Culture is the Soul of your business.


There is a Spillover Effect in every culture. Positive Cultures spill over goodness – appreciation, gratitude, acknowledgment, caring, accomplishment, pride – 2 to 3 degrees out from their core – and sometime way farther than that.


At the end of this podcast – which gets juicy after the longish “how did I get here” part, you’ll enjoy a stimulating conversation about what happens to the energy that your culture produces at work and where it goes from there. Richard, your host, came up with his own term for the phenomenon the “long tail of positivity.”


It’s a video interview so you get all the facial expressions. Oy! I can’t help it – it’s my face.


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As a leader you are more powerful than you think. They are watching you. My daughter taught me that when she was only 13 and I was a new-ish leader and didn’t know better. It made me a better leader knowing my example was really important.


Let me know what you think of the podcast.  I’d love to get a larger conversation going about this!




Put a smile on your face.

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