There are times you feel you know exactly what you want to say when it comes to a recommendation, and then there are times you know you are just going to fall short no matter what you say or do. This is one of those times that I know I will fall short. JoAnna Brandi has shown that you can teach old dogs new tricks. The power of her words and phrases such as “Customer Satisfaction is no longer good enough” can keep your mind churning and make you think of different ways to help build customer loyalty.
I don’t think that most people understand the difference between “customer loyalty” and “customer satisfaction”. When you are in a training with JoAnna, you get a complete understanding of both…and you will realize that “customer loyalty” is what everyone should be striving for. The company I work for did an 8-week class over zoom meetings with JoAnna and each week she did not disappoint. Captivated was an understatement – I was hungry for more. She ignited a fire within many of us to focus on customer loyalty, our work life, and our home life.
The tools she teaches not only goes towards your professional career, but you can also use them in your marriage, with your children, with friends, and with other family. I have been challenged in my position at work after being in JoAnna’s classes. This to me is awesome because after being here for more than 20 years most people would become stagnant or think they know everything.
I’m super stoked and pumped about what 2022 will bring, and you can definitely believe that I will be taking the tools that JoAnna instilled in us with me to help make 2022 one of the most successful yet. Thank you, JoAnna Brandi, for your brilliance!!! You are definitely the RAY OF SUNSHINE that is needed especially during these crazy times!!!

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