For the last decade the leaders at Waste Pro have had the pleasure and privilege of working with JoAnna Brandi of


At a time when our company was growing rapidly through acquisition, we became concerned that the value based culture we had so carefully built might get diluted as we expanded. JoAnna came on board to help us identify, articulate and communicate our values throughout the company in a language that people understood. She spent months with our people helping us discover from their perspective who we were when we were at our best before setting the values down in writing in a way that everyone could understand and use.


Through the years she has trained close to 400 of our leaders in those values which she embedded in her Positive Leadership program, based on the Science of Happiness. Last year she was recruited to develop customized Supervisor Training where she taught the unique functions and responsibilities of being a Supervisor who uses the evidence based tools of positive psychology to create a better employee experience.


She’s done an exceptional job of inspiring, educating and elevating people to “bring their best selves to work.” I recommend her highly if you are building your business to have a positive, customer-loving culture. We all know there are big bottom line profits to creating a happy workforce and happy customers.

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