According to JoAnna, “If you’re not getting better, you cease being good.”  We agree, that’s why we asked her to customize a presentation focusing on ways that the individual CSRs could positively impact service.

How good you feel at work matters.  So, JoAnna really engaged our reps (350 in 6 locations) with her expertise on the science of happiness and techniques to manage emotion and stress.  CSRs made the connection between their emotions, personal needs, and how these can impact their behavior at work as well as the customer’s perception of the service provided.  Some of our reps’ “ah-ha” moments included:

“Only I am in control of my happiness.”

“I’ll be more aware of my attitude and how it’s perceived by customers and co-workers.”

  • “I’ll be more attentive to customers’ emotional needs.”
  • “Providing excellent service is a choice.”
  • “I don’t have control over situations that can make me angry, I’m in control over whether I get angry.”
  •  JoAnna’s customer care philosophies and strategies are crucial if you want to deliver exceptional service.  That’s why JoAnna was such a great fit with our Customer Service team.

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