It’s the first full week of a brand New Year 2013. We greet each other with wishes that the year be “happy and healthy” and of course “prosperous”. Our minds turn to asking questions about how this year might be different than the last. At work we have new goals, new plans, new targets. In our personal lives we might have set some resolutions – or my favorite – intentions, for improving or achieving.

BRAVO! If you’ve spent any time thinking and reflecting on what you want this year to look like, you’ve begun the process of taking responsibility for it. Positive customer focused leaders are emotionally intelligent and take the “time in” to choose how they want to show up in the world and at work.

This year, once again, my mind is turning towards what I call “BE Attitudes”. In addition to creating a set of goals, I like to work with a framework of intentions of how I want to BE in the world and how I want to be seen by others. My BE Attitudes help me clarify the kind of energy that I want to embody and put out into the world. They help me focus my attention and they help me achieve those goals.

Here are some of my personal favorites this year.

I intend to:

  • BE positive – at least three times more often than I am negative (and sometimes even as many as five times more positive)
  • BE real – be truthful and genuine
  • BE peaceful – watching my self-talk and my tendencies to dramatize
  • BE awake – to the possibilities and opportunities that exist everywhere even in unexpected places
  • BE present – live in the moment
  • Be mindful – to pay attention in new ways
  • BE grateful – to look for things to appreciate everywhere
  • BE organized – in my thinking and in my physical environment so I can accomplish more with less effort
  • BE my “Best Edited Self”- to think more before I open my mouth and learn to speak more concisely so I can talk less and listen more
  • BE creative – and open to new ideas, color outside the lines
  • BE focused – on my goals and outcomes but not attached to them
  • BE on purpose – deliberate, intentional, aligned with what I want
  • BE intuitive – to listen deeply, beyond the words
  • BE understanding – rather than judgmental or critical
  • BE flexible – embrace change
  • BE graceful
  • BE the change I want to see happen in the world

So here are a few of the things I want to BE that will support the things I want to DO in this new year 2013 – what about you?

What attitudes will you embody, who will you BE?

Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me,


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