“Creative minds are churning here at Priority One thanks to the insightful training you provided last week. Your “Building Customer Loyalty” seminar has inspired us to put several new customer care initiatives into play-one of those being “Happy Boat-day” cards. We plan to send these celebratory cards to our marine finance customers on the anniversaries of their boat purchases as a way of saying, “You’re still important to us.” Everyone at Priority One is now busy writing down their “Moments of Truth” in order to create our “Moments of Magic.” Managers are focused on helping their people learn from mistakes as opposed to hiding them. Employees are already checking out your books from our company resource library. We are also tossing around ideas for developing a method of encouraging everyone in our office to do outside reading and research and to share their acquired knowledge with the rest of the staff.

You empowered us to explore the importance of our customers’ personal needs while doing business-an element of customer care that seems to be missing in most corporate cultures. Your philosophies are directly in line with our mission, and you provided us with excellent tools for putting new plans into action. Many Thanks!”

Lisa R. Gladstone, President/CEO , Priority One Financial Services, Inc.

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