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Have you listened to yourself over the past week? In all likelihood you’ve said the words “Happy New Year” dozens (if not hundreds) of times. As the back-to-work week really opens up today you are likely to keep saying it some more.


When you are present, genuine and mindful as you share those good tidings you uplift and elevate others. You generate positivity for the recipient of your wishes. You acknowledge their humanity. You recognize their desire for happiness.

According to one of my favorite teachers, Barbara Frederickson, you are creating “Positivity Resonance.” You are striking a chord in the other that, if you were to look at brain scans, would look remarkably similar to your own.


You are spreading “good vibes.” If you spend more than 20 seconds in that happy interaction with the other, you are actually changing your body chemistry and theirs.

According to Wayne Dyer and others, an act of kindness given, received or observed increases the rest-and-digest hormone, serotonin. That’s good stuff. Wishing someone a happy new year creates and spreads positive energy. Human kindness has evolutionary roots. It’s one of our strongest instincts and has a myriad of health benefits. Kindness is an engine of attraction and so it’s important to the preservation of the species.

As you are wishing happiness to your employees, customers, suppliers and friends take an extra moment and ask, “What will make you happier this year?” Then stand still and listen. I’m guessing most people you ask will try to be funny or sarcastic. Even a snarky remark will give you insight. If you are patient and kind in your asking you will get information that’s valuable to the relationship and will help it blossom.


If you want more happiness for yourself and others, it’s time to begin to understand what makes you and the people you care about happy. In the almost 25 years I have been in business, I’ve heard a lot about what makes people happy – and unhappy.

People are happy at work when they feel seen, heard and understood. They are happy at work when they know what’s expected, when they get praise and recognition for a job well done. They are happy at work when they are challenged and supported and the people around them pull their weight. They are happy when they feel valued and cared about, when they feel important, confident and whole.


Make Customer Happiness – internal as well as external customers – Priority #1 this year!


Keep ‘Em Happy!




P.S. Watch for some changes in our communications this year! Some new design, new ideas and more video and audio!

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