What a time of confusion it is. Most people are dazed, confused, fearful and stressed. We don’t know what’s going on out there so I figure it’s a good time to explore what’s going on in HERE, inside. Yep, inside of ourselves.

Think about it. You can’t consistently create Customer Evangelists, Deliver WOW experiences or knock anyone’s socks off with a Ho-hum culture, can you?


But when you build an optimistic culture that’s coherent, aligned, strong and focused on creating positive customer experiences – what you’ve really created is an organism that can out think, out delight and out move the competition.



Why? Positive emotions open and expand us.

Research now tells us that positivity makes us 3x’s to 10x’s more creative. Right there is one heck of competitive advantage in itself.


It’s the culture in your organization that will determine how close you come to realizing your highest business potential.


In order to create engaged, happy and loyal customers, you must create an engaged, happy and loyal workforce; one built on strengths, vision, common goals and focus on the customer.


“In order to create lasting value in the marketplace you must create lasting value in the workplace.”


Just do it,




Coming soon real soonThe Practice of Positive Leadership: Use the Science of Happiness to Keep Employees Engaged and Customers Happy E-Course.


We’re getting the videos and the illustrations finished and getting the course ready to premiere just before National Customer Service Week in the US!  (I call it Customer Happiness Week!)


I designed this course specifically for leaders who want to inspire, motivate and elevate others to go far beyond “customer satisfaction” and aim for Customer Happiness. It will teach you to energize yourself, your team and your customers for a hefty R.O.H – Return on Happiness.


In honor of Customer Happiness week we’ll offer 40% off for the month of October – watch your e-mail for the announcement.


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