June 4, 2021

When I asked JoAnna Brandi to bring her Positive Leadership training to the Green Bay YMCA, it was because I knew the program, which I had already experienced with my Vistage (Peer-to-Peer group) meeting, couldn’t be more timely and valued by our team both on a professional and personal level.

Moreover, her training yielded clear metrics and deliverables driving to the “right ROI” for any successful organization…engaged and productive Team leaders.

Lastly, JoAnna took the time to create “Wisdom circles” with some staff leaders in advance of our session to gauge the current culture and temperature of our leadership team. Their valued feedback of course helped shape and customize the program to suit our current Team needs and create the essential “buy in” so often missing from organizational leadership trainings.

I would recommend this program for any forward-thinking executive team that is faced with the challenge of rebuilding in uncertain times and for companies who are good and aspire to be great.

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