What can you do when shift happens?


Somewhere around 20 years ago there was a big shift in business. The power shifted from the people who sell (companies) to the people who buy (customers.)

Once the internet gave people the power to find their own information, their own answers, they didn’t have to rely on companies quite so much. The more educated the customer became, the harder companies had to work to win their business.

A whole new field was born and it’s called Customer Experience.


Now there is clearly another shift happening. The power is shifting from the people who lead to the people who work.


The people with the talent – the ones we need to run our companies –  are now in charge.


People everywhere and in all kinds of companies are demanding more flexible work arrangements. They are demanding to be paid well for their contributions. They want to play a larger role in the company’s success AND they want work to be a place where they can express and fulfill their purpose, and from which they can derive meaning. Since they spent a huge portion of their lives at work , they want to be happier there.


If you don’t create some version of THAT place – one that has a heart and soul – you won’t be as attractive to the young talent you need to run your business at full speed.


They want a kinder, gentler, happier world. They want to work for companies that foster diversity and inclusion.

The great resignation is the great realization that work CAN be more than it was in the past. It’s the realization that work-life balance is not possible, but work-life integration IS!

It’s important that every company looks at their own culture to evaluate whether or not it provides the rich kinds of experiences that people crave and a degree of wellness that gives them energy when they end their day.


If you want to be competitive, if you want to become attractive to the talent you need to grow, you just may have to make some changes to your employee experience.

  • Is the well-being of your people up there on or near the top of your list of priorities?
  • Have you created a safe space for them to tell you what they want and need?
  • Have you looked at your values lately to make sure that they incorporate what your people need to do the best job they possibly can?
  • Are you actively supporting your leaders in learning more about emotional intelligence?
  • Are you actively looking for people’s strengths and using them the majority of the time?
  • Are you remembering to appreciate, acknowledge, celebrate, and praise what people are doing right five times more than you use cynicism, criticism or sarcasm or focus on what’s wrong?


Positive Leadership is an intentional, mindful and reflective style of leadership that energizes and elevates people and invites them to bring their best selves to work.

Positive Leadership is firmly based in your values – helping you connect others to the things that really matter. It’s based on the idea everyone in the organization is there to create value. Positive leaders use this operating question daily, “How can I create value today?”

How have YOU created value for your people today?


Human beings have “Happiness Set-points.” So do businesses. If you want to raise your happiness setpoint and set the stage for creating more value and happiness for your employees, call me for an exploratory call! 561-279-0027 JoAnna@ReturnOnHappiness.com

Here’s to the evolution of business!


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