Now what are the odds that a Happiness Coach hails a cab in NYC and finds a person who introduces himself as the Happy Cabbie? Yikes!


Well it happened the other night and it feels like it must be the law of attraction at work!


Strategic partner Carolyn and Watt and I were in Times Square the other night and grabbed a cab to get back to our hotel. Not two minutes into the ride we discover, to our delight, that the cab driver that picked us up has words of wisdom for us about how to have a happy life.


He goes on to tell us how much he loves his job and asks us if we want to know his secrets. I grab for my notebook and frantically take notes as he tells us to keep smiling, stay happy, throw all tension and stress into the garbage – he says we need health, wealth, peace, love and progress in this life.


We’re laughing in the back seat as he goes on. You haven’t lived until you’ve heard the word supercalifragilisticexpialidocious spoken with an Indian accent! He certainly brightened our night!


He went on to tell us how to find him on the web at Happy Cabbie NYC and that we did. You can see him here:


The Happy Cabbie


How easy it can be to spread joy in life. In the course of our short visit to the city I was in 5 different cabs, four of them were bearable one of them was delightful. It made me think again about how emotions are contagious and with the intention to spread the positive ones we make the world a little more pleasant every day.


Spend a moment with the Happy Cabbie – perhaps it will put a smile on your face too.


😉 JoAnna

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