Authentic Happiness

Some of you know I’m particularly fond of my friends over at New Pig Those of you who’ve known me a long time may remember the stories of how New Pig was started by two guys that wanted to create happy customers. (Yeah, they did want to soak up spills more efficiently with their super absorbent “pigs” that wrapped around machinery, but happiness was their #1 intended product – hence my enduring love for them.)


They’ve created a culture that resembles a cult (much the way Zappos associates are called “Zapponians” the people are New Pig are called “Piggers.”


Last week I was sitting here in my long sleeve “Bad little piggy” t-shirt (my friends keep me well clothed) when I ran into a story about a drink called “Hogwash” and had to send a link over to my friend Carl to let him know. (You never know what these guys will do with a good idea)


Before you could say oink oink, my phone rang and it was Carl talking about the synchronicity of things. They had just mailed me out a calendar and some pig themed goodies for my 20th “Hamiversary” which took place on Feb 1 (20 years in business – I’m crowing not oinking!)


We laughed at how much fun we’ve had through the years keeping up with each other. And today – more fun from my friends in the way of a blog entry- These guys have way too much fun! Enjoy this 60 second video!
See the Pig in the Snow

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