I don’t watch much television, I’m often out at a class in the evening. But on Monday nights after I work out in Janice’s class, a lively fun version of yoga, tai chi and Pilates – I rush home to watch The VOICE.


When I was 17 I thought for sure I’d be a singer so this program draws my attention like a magnet. When Hannah Huston sang an original song she and Pharrell Williams wrote together called “This Time I Call the Shots,” I rose from my seat applauding, feeling empowered and enchanted.
Last night was one uplifting evening!
The final rounds have brought out the contestants’ best selves and taken me to a state of awe. It’s not just the performers that bring me to this state, it’s the positive feedback from both the coaches and the contestants.
In the weeks leading up to the finals the singers brought forth some of their best performances and the coaches, their best and most positive feedback. Each week the feedback gets better, deeper, and more precise.
“Thank you for bringing your truth and vulnerability.”
“You have such amazing taste to make these kinds of musical choices.”
“I like all the different sides of you and all the palettes you pull from.”
“I love what you do with…”
“You’re so talented, and when you do….”
“In this piece you were so accurate and …”
“I don’t know how to express how happy I am.”
It’s not only the coaches that awe me with their feedback. Hannah Huston said to her coach Pharrell, “You’ve been an encourager and an enabler. You are so supportive of me and who I am. You taught me to bring my best. Thank you for believing in me.”
The positive coaches on this program have consistently delivered feedback that has been helpful, useful and caring. As the weeks went on I began to look forward to hearing such wonderful positive feedback almost as much as I looked forward to the performances. These coaches are great examples of “Positive Energizers.”
And what about you? Are you delivering feedback that’s helpful, useful and caring? Are you helping others grow into their best selves? Are you encouraging and enabling people to stretch out of their comfort zones without fear? Are you celebrating them?
Positive Leaders are reflective. For just a few moments today reflect on how you encourage and enable others to bring their best selves to work.
Be well, stay happy,

PS. Enjoy the highlights Hannah’s song This Time I Call the Shots and this amazing version of “Somewhere” by mom of three, Alisan Porter reclaiming her dream of singing.

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