Happy young business woman enjoying success at workDid you notice we tend to save our celebrations for the really big moments in life rather than taking the time to rejoice in the everyday accomplishments that make us proud? That’s unfortunate because it limits the number of celebrations we have.
Let’s change that. Why not ask yourself (and those who work with you), “What were you most proud of today?” It could be the phone call you handled skillfully, the problem you solved well, or the value you created for another. No matter, it made you proud and that deserves recognition and celebration.

Attitudes and relationships thrive when we remember to add recognition, appreciation, and celebration to the mix.
Tell someone how much you appreciate their help. Tell a customer how great they are. Find ways to celebrate every day. The more you do it the more you’ll get to celebrate! It really does work that way!
Ask yourself …
What did I do this week to celebrate something good at work?
National Customer Service Week begins October 5th – make a plan to celebrate!

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