I was sautéing zucchini and yellow squash the other night and realized that while I was doing it that I was giving myself a gift. I know, it sounds crazy, but I rather liked the idea.

I give myself a gift when I buy clean fresh food and prepare it with love. It’s part of my nature to be giving.


As leaders of people I think it’s important to look at what we are giving – to ourselves and others.

Science keeps showing us that the human system thrives when there is more positivity than negativity and now bottom lines are showing us that as well. Companies where people love coming to work outperform the S&P 500 by 122 percentage points the last time I checked.  It’s a fact when you do good – you do good.


When a leader gives time, effort, and attention to notice what the people in her team are doing right ~ when a leader spends more time focusing on what she wants to create than on all the things that are broken ~  morale soars!

When morale soars people are inspired to do better, do more – leave it better than they found it.


We all have a need to give.

Do you give the gift of expansion and expression?

When we give to what we believe is a good and worthy purpose we feel good about ourselves. We are energized and pass that good energy along to others.


When we feel we are giving and giving and it’s unappreciated, it drains the energy right out from us. We get depleted and even little angry. Or big angry (as the news tells us too often.)


Leaders have the opportunity to “frame” situations in the positive, focusing on opportunities and focusing on a vision of possibility. It’s a leadership that takes practice and skill.


Leader, what is your giving?

Do you give the benefit of the doubt?

Do you give your undivided attention?

Do you give the gift of a new way of looking at things?

Do you give the gift of seeing, recognizing and acknowledging strengths?

Do you give the gift of clear expectations?

Oh I could go on …  and do in my online Positive Leadership course.


Have you seen this video yet?

Are you a Positive Energizer?


If you have and liked it – let me know and I will send another for you to see!


Remember, next week is National Customer Service Week-  time to celebrate with your customers – internal and external.


Usually I am here doing webinars for customers this coming week – this year I am giving myself a gift for my birthday last July by attending a retreat in France. This leader is taking care of herself – perhaps next year you will join me in September in France for a retreat on happiness!

Je suis reconnaissant (I am grateful.)




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