The landscape has changed. Big time. Just like after a hurricane, a fire or an earthquake, leaders are looking over new terrain. While the press is calling the well-publicized employee exit “The Great Resignation” a colleague of mine really said it best when she called it the “Great Realization.”


People are realizing that they don’t need to stay in jobs that undervalue them, they don’t need work for bosses who bully them or ignore their needs and they don’t need to sit in life-sucking cubicles 40+ hours a week.


For so many years my favorite saying was “The power has shifted from the people who sell to the people who buy.” Still true. But internally, the power has shifted from the people who lead to the people who do the work.


Business is all about relationships. Always was, always will be BUT (Behold the Underlying Truth) many business relationships were deflating, demeaning and demoralizing. Yes, that’s extreme, and it’s the truth. So many leaders and managers just were never taught how to deal with the real raw and profound emotions that humans have.


Today they not only need to be resilient and emotionally intelligent themselves, they need to build workforces that are all that and more – inclusive, equitable, diverse, kind and engaging and purposeful. Our workplaces need to be happier places. We all need to upgrade our skills to meet the challenges of what’s ahead.


To do that, I like to take my clients a little bit above their day-to-day duties and “doing” for a while and spend a little time with them understanding how they want to BE.


After all you are a human BE-ing not just a human Do-ing.


If you follow me on Linked In, Facebook or Instagram you may have noticed that once a week I post something called a “BE Attitude for Positive Leaders.”

I wrote these BE-Attitudes especially for leaders in time of change as a guide to maintaining your equilibrium and finding the spark within that will power the future. (Be sure to follow me on these social media sites since we post there a few times a week.)


Here are 2 of the 22 BE Attitudes in my list:

Be Aware: During a time like this, your energy can be hijacked constantly by all the scary things that could happen. It’s important to be clear about where your precious attention is going, and about the choices you are making. Imagine that you are standing in the balcony of a movie theatre, looking down at how you are conducting your life. Are your activities “energy gaining” or “energy draining?” What energy impact are you having on others? And yourself?


BE Intentional: Set the intention, hourly if necessary, to be present in all situations in a calm and open manner. Intention is a force of nature – just as strong as gravity. You can use this attitude (and skill) to create calm and reasonableness in your life. You will be amazed at how much your life will change when you set yourself up for success with this practice.

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