We  all know that an outstanding customer experience grows out of a positive, life-affirming and people focused culture.


Every culture has a climate. 50 – 70% of how people feel about the climate at work comes from the actions of the leaders. And, according to Dr. Daniel Goleman, 30% of your financial results come from the climate!


Positive Climates begin with TRUST. People thrive in a climate of trust, where they know they are safe. To be trusted you must tell the truth (without blame or judgement), be dependable and do what you say you’ll do, be consistent (using your emotional intelligence), value the common good and create emotional safety for your people.


When people feel safe they take risks and risk is intrinsic to innovation.


When people don’t feel safe they hide, they narrow and they contract. There is an increase in incivility in workplaces today. In those kinds of toxic environments 48% of people intentionally decrease their work effort, 66% will see their work performance decline. What a pity.


Mind your climate. When incivility and mistrust enter your culture, the emotion that takes over is fear and the very best part of people’s brains shut down.


The antidote to fear is appreciation and love.


Who, what and how can you appreciate someone or something today?


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