If you are like most people, there is a part of you that is just exhausted. A pandemic, a controversial national election, grief, isolation and more feels like it’s pulling us all down.

If you let it.

When you look outside yourself, it appears like we are swirling in one controversy or another. If you are not deliberately looking inside to make sure you aren’t getting swept up in the swirl, you are in danger of getting swept up into the very swirl you are trying to avoid. (Whew!)

Now I’m seeing reports that even kids have hit a “pandemic” wall.

Clearly we have to acknowledge where we are, where we’ve been and where we want to go.

Emotions are contagious – which means we need to be careful not to spread the negative ones. For, like Covid, when we get with others we often pick up their negative emotions. That’s not so good. To complicate matters, when you focus on the negative for more than 5 minutes the chemicals you produce shut down your immune system for up to 6 hours. Wow!

So here’s the good news (I know you’ve been waiting.)

Positive Emotions build your immune system. Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin and Endorphins cause some pretty awesome good feeling effects in your body and cause you to become more resilient, more adaptable, more creative, more pro-social, more expansive, smarter, and a hell of a lot nicer and easier to be around.

I use my mind to reframe negative situations and find something to appreciate about them. I also look for the possibility in those situations.

Where’s the good in this? What can we learn from this? Where are our strengths?

So, I’m interested. Take the Survey Here

One of my favorite teachers of all time was the late Angeles Arrien. She was a cross cultural anthropologist. She learned from ancient cultures all around the world. From the Appalachian culture here in the US she brought us this special greeting.  “What’s workin’ ya? What’s learnin’ ya?

I’d love to know how you feel and understand what’s workin’ ya and what you’ve learned. I’ve created a 8 question survey, some multiple choice and always the option to add comments. I would be very grateful if you would give me two – three minutes of your time or less. You can check a box – or say more – I’d like to know how you are feeling and I’d like to know what I can do to help.

Take the Survey Here

I thank you in advance for your wholehearted participation!
Happy (Almost) Spring,

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