It’s still summer here in South Florida and it’s an odd time of the year. While other places are cooling down, I find the heat at this time of the year and for almost the next two months, the hottest and most humid.


Things aren’t only heating up here in FL – they are heating up in the business world too as inflation soars, the great resignation continues, and companies are trying to predict what they need to do to prepare for a very uncertain future.


It’s a really good time for you as a leader to commit to bringing your “A” game to work. It’s a good time to review your top strengths and commit to bringing them to work daily. It’s a good time to engage authentically, focus on overcoming challenges and create a life aligned with your values.


I recently began to facilitate my “Outside In” Values Process with one of my clients. I’m always so excited to help a company rethink and reconsider their values. This happens to be a very successful still growing company with a set of guiding principles that have served them very well for over twenty years.


You might wonder why a company would want to even consider “redoing” or rethinking their values when they have served so well. They are forward thinking and as Marshall Goldsmith reveals, “What got you here won’t get you there.”


The world has changed, industries have changed, and the covenant employers have with their employees is changing as well. It’s a great time for this company – with so many new (and virtual) employees to give their people the opportunity to speak up about the values that matter to them.


The “Outside In” process starts with the employees and their values – to eventually create a set of values which are defined and connected to behaviors at work. Anyone who wants to be included is included in the process. It’s all part of their desire to become more resilient as a company.


What’s going to move you forward in these uncertain times? What’s going to make you resilient?


According to the Penn Resilience Project there are six areas to consider:


Self-Awareness.  That’s your ability to pay attention to thoughts, emotions, behaviors and reactions.


Self-Regulation. This is your ability to change your thoughts, emotions, behaviors and physiology in service of a desired outcome.


Mental Agility. Your ability to look at situations from multiple perspectives and to think creatively and flexibly.


Strength of Character. Your ability to use your top strengths to engage authentically, overcome challenges and create a life aligned with your values.


Connection. Your ability to build and maintain strong, trusting relationships.


Optimism. Your ability to notice and expect the positive, to focus on what you can control and to take purposeful action.


Want to grow beyond? It’s all in your ability to change your thoughts, emotions, behaviors and physiology in service of your vision – I can certainly help you with that. All our programs have resilience built in! See if you are a source of Positive Energy for your team Take the Assessment.


All leadership is self-leadership – so as you are looking ahead at what needs to change in order to prepare for what will surely be uncertain times – look within. Take the


Keep looking up!


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