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Beyond Satisfaction: Building Lifetime Customer Loyalty

One Day Workshop -Get your whole team on board


Customer Loyalty is at an all time low, some even say it’s dead. Is Loyalty Dead? Absolutely not! But customer loyalty is tougher than ever to earn, and you’d better figure how to earn it before your competitor does. While Customer Loyalty is considered a “top three” concern for virtually all executives recently surveyed, less than 15% are able admit that their company is actually addressing loyalty as a strategic issue, because they’re not. That’s a pity since only a single digit increase in loyalty can create a handsome double-digit increase to the bottom line.


The Positive Leader: Inspiring People to Bring Their Best Selves to Work

Two Day Workshop


In today’s quickly changing, always challenging, and all too fearful world there’s one ability that can help any leader access the energy, enthusiasm and brilliance of his or her workforce – and that is the ability to create what Harvard’s Tal Ben Shahar calls “Positive Capacity.”

Leaders who know how to cultivate positive emotion in the workplace tap into an endless well of psychological capital – hope, optimism, confidence, resilience – that has the power to keep the organization innovating, creating value and astonishing their customers even in tough times.


Creating Happiness: Putting Positivity Into Practice

Focus – Personal/Professional Development


What makes us happy? What makes us “flourish”?

The “Science of Happiness” is continually discovering more and more about how we can live richer, fuller and more meaningful lives. Our expanding knowledge of the benefits of positive emotion is shedding light on ways individuals and organizations can move beyond just “surviving” into thriving.

Drawing from some of the latest finding in the fields of Positive Psychology, Neuroscience, Wellness and Professional Sports, JoAnna Brandi, a graduate of Dr. Martin Seligman’s Authentic Happiness Coaching program, and author of three books delivers “Happiness 101” and more – a plan for developing your own “Positivity Practice.”

This program is for anyone who wants to get a little more zest out of work and life, anyone who wants to “amp up” their happiness setpoint and tone down the stressors that steal health and vitality. It’s also for Executives interested in using Happiness as a business model at work – it provides a starting point for understanding the value in creating more “Positivity Capacity”. It shares what the new and exciting science of Positive Psychology knows about health, wealth and well being. It’s perfect for spousal programs at conferences too!


The Customers Within

An Insider’s Guide to Delivering Exquisite Customer CARE

Everyone in an organization provides service to someone. For over thirty years, research on the “Service-Profit Chain” has established positive relationships between profitability, customer loyalty, and employee satisfaction, loyalty, and productivity. It has pointed to the quality of the internal support services in a company, and its important contribution to both employee and customer satisfaction. Trouble is, most people in internal support departments don’t realize that they serve others in the organization, and sometimes don’t realize who they support.


The Inner Game of Customer Care – Fueling Passionate Service From Within

One Day or Two Day Workshop

Customer service as a profession is more demanding then ever. After organizations have been downsized, rightsized, reengineered and flattened to get closer to the customer more responsibility then ever has been pushed out to the front line service providers to keep customers happy, loyal and coming back.


The Seven Things Every Customer Facing Person Needs to Know
A credo for being proud of the way you take care of customers

  • Understanding the Importance of the Customer
  • Face-to-Face, Phone-to-Phone
  • Making service tangible
  • In the Beginning there was Attitude
  • Change, Choice, Chance?
  • Peak Performance
  • Challenge
  • You are in Control



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“This program made me feel energized about my job. I am eager to go back to work and share the knowledge I’ve gained.”

-Christina Callen, Rich Products Corp.

“Not a laundry list of tips and techniques, but rather a method to improve from within.”

-Hemanth Shenoi, Promega Corp.

“Excellent source of information to be used and built upon.”

-Kimberly Northrup, Color Corp. of America

“This seminar exceeded in all realms of business atmosphere and attitude. Great! Superior enthusiasm!!”

-Heather Conrad, MA Hanna Rubber Compounding

“A speaker with the extraordinary ability to instill in the attendees, her fire and passion for the subject. Thank you JoAnna for a superb presentation.”



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