Watch YOUR language. Your body hears everything you say.


Today I wrote to someone I haven’t heard back from in a long time. I was frightened by his response to my request for just a nod (a return email, 5 minutes on the phone…).


“I’m slammed” he said. “Picked up some new responsibilities that are just killing me.”


Ouch. That frightened me. So I wrote back.


“Watch that language or it will kill you.  You’re challenged and you’re capable and you are resilient. You’re a pro and you’ll know just what to do to get the job done.  I don’t want you dying on me, we haven’t met yet. Remember – the body hears everything you say. Breathe – deeply”


I didn’t know anything else to say. I haven’t heard back and hope he’s not upset.


I’m sensitive to language. If someone says “This cheesecake is to die for!” I truly worry about them. Because I know that the body listens. Why program it to die from cheesecake?


I know, I know. Most people think I’m nuts.


I’m not.


When I tell myself I can, I can,. When I tell myself I can’t, I can’t. You can see it in a 4 year old.


“Slammed” is such a violent word. I now it because I used to use it – along with “crash burn deadlines” and “crazy, busy, nuts.”  Language has a way of framing our reality.


Look, I’m as stressed as the rest. My goal is to tell myself a story that feels more empowering, more manageable and more in alignment with the capable adult I’ve become. Positive self-talk is an important part of my teaching. (You can read more about that if you go to ) For fun, I developed a whole positive language around caring for customers.


The people who use it – love it. While I was at the Customers First conference several people approached me to tell me they subscribe and get their dose of positive self talk every Monday morning and love it. I was beaming. There’s nothing that makes me feel better than to think that my thoughts are making a difference. (Okay, I’m blushing…)


Watch YOUR language. Your body hears everything you say.

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