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Customer Happiness doesn’t just happen. In my experience the companies that are getting consistent praise and consistent business from their customers are getting it because the Positive Leaders running those organizations put their focus – and so the focus of those who work with them – on creating value.


The leaders I know and work with understand that a great degree of emotional intelligence is necessary for both positive leadership and for customer loyalty. Many of them do what I do before sitting down to set goals, they go to their heart and think deeply about what they need to do themselves to be the best they can be.


As I was saying in my Keep ‘Em Happy tip this week, around the first of the year I go deep to discover what my heart’s desire is and how it is I want to see the next year unfold. From there I get a sense of what I need to do, and what I need to change to make those desires see the light of day.


I have many intentions and in fact chosen the ONE WORD I will focus on this year, that word is:  INTENTIONAL

In 2016 I intend to turn up my light and SHINE brighter than I’ve ever shined before.

I intend to be more PRESENT and LOVING in my moments.

I intend to be more DELIBERATE and DISCERNING in my choices.

I intend to be UNAPOLOGETIC for those choices.

I intend to have a CLEAR VISION that includes LOTS OF SPACE for serendipity to move.

I intend to SHARE more of my PERSONAL stories and the lessons I’ve learned.

I intend to BE a positive leader.

I intend to go to my HEART often for guidance, for love, for perspective.

I intend to ACCESS the EASE of nature and spend more time in the FLOW.


You see when you set an intention (which I believe to as powerful a force as gravity) you get nature on your side. When you set your intention you activate the Reticular Activating System in your brain – the primal part of your brain.


You are giving new commands for what to search for and your “internal search engine” gets to work to seek out examples of that new blue car you wanted, or the Cape Cod style house, or the new baby stroller you need. (I remember years ago my ex-husband and best girlfriend both bought bright yellow VW “Beetles”. What do you suppose I saw everywhere I went after that? Yes. Yellow Volkswagens!)


I intend to bring a sense of ORDER and CALM along with my EXCITEMENT.

I intend to move my MOVE my body in BEAUTIFUL AND GRACEFUL WAYS several times – STRETCHING throughout the day.

I intend to CONNECT THE DOTS easily with all my work projects.

I intend to EMBRACE my technology and stop yelling at it.

I intend to deepen my INTUITION and come to rely on it even more.

I intend to stand wholly and fully IN MY POWER and my “Wholeness”.

I intend to be a PEACEMAKER in any way I can.


So there you are ~ some of my intentions shared. There are still a tiny few I wish to keep to myself and cherish in the privacy of my own growth process.

Be an Inspired Positive Leader

It is my hope that sharing this list will inspire you – Positive Leader – to create a list of intentions and perhaps “Be-Attitudes” that will be guiding lights for your year.


What if every day you got to work thinking that a big part of your job (if not all of your job) is about making your customers – internal and external – HAPPY?

What if?


Happy New Year

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