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Cleaning Up Your Language

Most people on my mailing list have heard me speak. So it’s likely you’ve heard me talk about my genuine distaste for the phrase “No Problem” (and its brother “No Worries.”)   I tell the story of young man who answered my request for a late checkout time with the word “No” and how my stomach…

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Get On Your Case

“I’ve been on my case” said Judith when we spoke today.

Judith called to involve me in a joint venture, and in the course of the conversation she used the phrase “no problem” seven or eight times. It was a pleasant, interesting conversation. She was an engaging and intelligent woman who knew her stuff, and as the conversation went on I kept getting distracted as I noticed the little hairs on the back of my neck wiggle every time she used the phrase that began with “No.”

The key to customer loyalty? Creating consistently positive experiences time and time again.There’s no doubt about it; customer loyalty is key to profitability.

Want To Keep Customers & Create Profits? These 5 ‘Positivity Pointers’ Can Help You Enhance Your Customer Experience

There’s no doubt about it; customer loyalty is key to profitability. A mere five percent increase in your customer retention could as much as double your bottom line profits! On the flip side, it costs anywhere from 6-30 times more to get new customers than it does to keep the ones you have – that is, if they’ll stay!

Are you telling healthy stories or horror stories? Are repeating and reinforcing the good in your day, or the bad? Is your story of disempowerment, sadness, failure, rejection, poverty, victimization, pain or lack?

What’s Your Story?

I had a great time on Saturday. Three girlfriends and I did our second one day workshop together here in South Florida entitled “A Woman’s Path to Happiness: Tools 4 Empowered Living”.  Other women go shopping, we pool our talents and teach.   My topic is Happiness Practices; at each workshop I look at another element of what it…