Are You Leaving Money on the Table?

    Happiness is serious business.  Studies by Gallup tell us that US companies lose $600 billion worth of productivity ever year due to employee disengagement. And, I’d venture to say employee unhappiness. While engagement and happiness are two different things, one of the paths to happiness is engagement. Engaged employees are more likely to…


You Must Be Happy All The Time

As most of you know, I teach positivity and happiness practices in business and I often hear, “ You must be happy all the time.” Surprise, I’m not happy all the time.

Sometimes I’m downright crabby. Lots of things effect my crabbiness – the weather, what I’ve eaten, how much sleep and exercise I get, the people I’m spending time with. Much like most people there are lots of things that irritate me, when I let them. (And yes, of course I do.)