Heart Shape for the nature

Stay Beautiful

I once had a boyfriend who used to end every phone conversation and every email with the phrase, “Stay beautiful.” At first I was delighted by it, but as time went on, I have to admit, occasionally it annoyed me. At that time in my life I was certainly not used to taking compliments gracefully (I’ve gotten over that) and there were many days where I felt far from anything that resembled beautiful.

Thumbs Up

We Don’t Scoop

I recently went out to breakfast with my friend Elaina. We decided on the Panera’s closest to our homes and I was looking forward to my favorite egg sandwich there.   I ordered first. “I’ll have the egg and cheese sandwich – no meat – on a scooped out toasted whole grain bagel and a…

Positive Practices

Twenty One Years, Twenty One Insights

Today’s my 21st anniversary of being in business. Wow. That’s a long time and a lot of learning. I began with an idea. Imagine if you will, that every business sits atop a tripod – three legs, needing to be in balance to keep the business stable. Each leg represents a set of relationships. One…