Did You Rethink It?

“Of course we care about our wages and we wouldn’t work without them. But we care about more than money.We want work that is challenging and engaging, that enables us to exercise some discretion and control of what we do, and that provides us opportunities to grow.” So says, Barry Schwartz, a professor of psychology…

Food for Thought

When I lived up north I was an avid organic gardener.  I learned the tomatoes were happy when I prepared the soil well, fed it compost, oriented the plot toward the sun, watered it deeply, planted at the right time, picked off the bugs, drowned the slugs, planted basil on one side of them and…

Should Your Boss Do Social Media?

A recent study by CEO.com revealed that 87% Inc. 500 CEOs are active on social media. Their companies are growing fast and they know the value of keeping their finger on the pulse of what their customers (and competitor’s customers are saying). Whether large or small business, executives are learning the benefits that come along by being…

News from the Frontier

In the last few days of June, I had the pleasure to attend the Fourth World Congress of the International Positive Psychology Association. Wow! I was amazed at the rush of people that moved ever so quickly as the doors opened to get seats at the front of the ballroom which held all 1500 of…

Top Ways to Engage

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend the Total CX (Customer Experience) Leaders Conference in Miami. How lovely that it was close to my home this year. It was great to be among the leaders in the customer revolution again. I missed them last year. It was stimulating to hear what some…

Get Resource-ful

  Resourceful people tend to be very popular. They’re the ones who take the phone calls no one else can handle, who always have a good idea when you get stuck, who people go to knowing that even if they don’t get an answer, they’ll be pointed in the right direction. They’re the ones who…

Keep Me in the Loop

We sat on the runway for more than a half an hour before the pilot told us what was going on. Customers were grumbling and getting hot under the collar wondering how long THIS delay would last (we’d just waited almost an hour in the gatehouse for some missing flight attendants.)

What Do You Want To Be Famous For?

I want to be famous for being inspiring, inventive, and radiating positive energy! I’d like to be famous for my common sense Customer CARE principles and my PASSION for bringing positivity into workplaces.

But mostly I want to be famous for motivating people – like you – to take away one or two or maybe three ideas every month or so, put them into practice and experience the positive change – and THEN feel motivated to teach it to others.

There’s only one problem – research shows that only 10% of an “audience” will actually put something into practice. Are you in that group? I’ll bet you ARE!

Young Businessman

Why Customer Loyalty Is So Important

It’s still the beginning of the new year – keep it happy!

Next week, on Feb 1st, I will celebrate my 25th year of being in business. That I’ve made that milestone makes me happy. So as I’m packing up to head out to a few speaking engagements I thought I might once more cover some of the basics of why we are all here – why I’m in business and why you are in business– to make customers happy and invite them to stick around and become loyal to our product, our service or our cause.

2015 – Make it the Year of Customer Happiness

Have you listened to yourself over the past week? In all likelihood you’ve said the words “Happy New Year” dozens (if not hundreds) of times. As the back-to-work week really opens up today you are likely to keep saying it some more.

When you are present, genuine and mindful as you share those good tidings you uplift and elevate others. You generate positivity for the recipient of your wishes. You acknowledge their humanity. You recognize their desire for happiness.

According to one of my favorite teachers, Barbara Frederickson, you are creating “Positivity Resonance.” You are striking a chord in the other that, if you were to look at brain scans, would look remarkably similar to your own.

You are spreading “good vibes.” If you spend more than 20 seconds in that happy interaction with the other, you are actually changing your body chemistry and theirs.