I had fun thinking about how to frame what I wanted to say using the idea of “3 Keys.” I thought I would share them with you today.

The 3 Keys to Extraordinary Customer Service

Last week I got a call from a friend to see if I could be a “substitute” Chamber speaker for another friend who had a family emergency. The topic, I was told, was Customer Service. I was happy to oblige. In fact, I had a program that I thought would be perfect and told the…

Delivering exquisite customer experiences takes an expertly trained and caring staff and contingency planning for the emergencies you weren’t able to envision. In this competitive world, will you be able to go the distance?

Go The Distance

Are you going the distance with customers?   The other day I was out walking when I heard a small voice in my head and it said “Go the Distance.”   That’s the phrase that Kevin Costner kept hearing in his head in the movie “Field of Dreams” and so it really caught my attention.…

A Customerpreneur is in the business of managing a gamut of activities and experiences that focus on customers.

Are You a Customerpreneur?

Talk about feeling proud! (Yes, we all need that feeling.)   Over the last week I’ve had several opportunities to talk to people who have attended a customized program I created for the company they work for.   Like so many companies today they are faced with multiple challenges including employee retention, fast growth and…

JoAnna Brandi,

Your Customers Do WHAT?

Pick up any business magazine today and (finally) there are some frank discussions of how you make your customers (and employees) feel and the importance of deliberately creating positive emotions in the experience. The more companies understand that the better we all will be. As consumers and as suppliers.   Feeeeelings.. it’s all about the…

Spring is a Time of Renewal

This last weekend we celebrated the first day of Spring and Easter. It’s traditionally a time of rejoicing and renewal. Is it time for you to renew your vows to “Wow” your customers? Is it time for you to spruce up your commitment to making the positive experiences of people in your process the most…

Golden Pineapple Fruit

Get On Your Case

“I’ve been on my case” said Judith when we spoke today.

Judith called to involve me in a joint venture, and in the course of the conversation she used the phrase “no problem” seven or eight times. It was a pleasant, interesting conversation. She was an engaging and intelligent woman who knew her stuff, and as the conversation went on I kept getting distracted as I noticed the little hairs on the back of my neck wiggle every time she used the phrase that began with “No.”

Empty Shelves

Corporate Made Me Do It

I walked into the mailbox store last week to pick up my mail. The counter inside the door, usually filled with business cards and flyers from the mailbox holders and the local merchants was empty. Naked. Unadorned. It struck me immediately as strange and left me feeling sad, disconnected, and odd. For so long those…

Everyone I spoke to wanted even more information on how they can build stronger and longer lasting relationships with their customers - they wanted more info on what I love to call "20/20 Customer Focus".

Looking for 20/20 Customer Focus?

I had fun speaking in Las Vegas on “21 Ways to Keep ‘Em Happy, Keep ‘Em Loyal and Keep ‘Em Coming Back”. It’s one of my favorite talks. It’s fast, it’s funny, it’s chock full of great ideas and there is literally something for everyone, even in a large group.   Even more fun were…