Isn’t it ludicrous to believe that we could ask workers to care about customers if they don’t feel cared about? Isn’t it crazy to think that we can ask people to take “ownership” of the customer and the customer’s problems; if we don’t take ownership and create a workplace where people can feel their sense of self-worth grow? And where they can learn and develop as people as well as performers?

Customer Care and Employee Care Go Hand in Hand

I just returned from speaking at another Inc. Magazine Conference on Customer Service Strategies. I enjoyed three days of learning and networking with some of the best and the brightest minds in the field, and in the entrepreneurial community. There was one thing in particular that was so rewarding for me this year. The absolute recognition and affirmation in almost every session that I attended that without creating an environment where the workers feel valued and good about coming to work, you cannot even hope to deliver a level of service that will build true customer loyalty.

Are you telling healthy stories or horror stories? Are repeating and reinforcing the good in your day, or the bad? Is your story of disempowerment, sadness, failure, rejection, poverty, victimization, pain or lack?

What’s Your Story?

I had a great time on Saturday. Three girlfriends and I did our second one day workshop together here in South Florida entitled “A Woman’s Path to Happiness: Tools 4 Empowered Living”.  Other women go shopping, we pool our talents and teach.   My topic is Happiness Practices; at each workshop I look at another element of what it…

Watch YOUR language. Your body hears everything you say.

Your Body Hears Everything You Say

  Today I wrote to someone I haven’t heard back from in a long time. I was frightened by his response to my request for just a nod (a return email, 5 minutes on the phone…).   “I’m slammed” he said. “Picked up some new responsibilities that are just killing me.”   Ouch. That frightened me.…

Customer Happiness

It’s All About Heart

Starting next week, for 5 weeks, 20 world-renowned thought leaders are sharing their insights and wisdom on how to live better, experience more joy, have more fun and create prosperity even in tough times. We’ll be talking about business and we’ll be talking about life.   This online event is called the Heart Based Service…