You Became A What?

Going deeper. Diving in. Being reminded that before leading others you must lead yourself.
Last weekend for three days I became part of what was an incredible experience – and experiment When you think about it when you are the “first” of anything you are….

I'm Grateful For

On Giving Thanks

It’s the Thanksgiving holiday here in the US this week. It’s a time we spend with family and friends and give thanks for all the bounty in our lives. But it would be a pity to only focus on giving thanks one day of the year, so I’d like to show you seven ways to…

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How Could I Forget THIS?

In my last Museletter, I shared some of my thoughts on self-leadership. After all, that is where all leadership begins. I talked about the 5 pillars of self-leadership – I must admit I was proud of myself as that Museletter emerged.   About 3 days after I’d sent it though, I found myself thinking about…


The Buck Stops Here

Ever think about the fact that all leadership is self-leadership?   Self-leadership is your ability to take charge of your own life and make conscious choices – ones that align with your goals and values. You know it well. Sounds easy. In theory.   It’s about being the captain of your own ship, steering it…


Did This Ever Happen to YOU?

On Sunday night I was on the phone with a friend when my acupuncturist beeped in on call waiting. I knew it was important and put my friend on hold. She said she had a cancellation and knew I was anxious to see her before our “usual” monthly appointment which was to take place the…


5 Confessions of a Happiness Coach

When I walked along the beach to come up with idea for this week’s Museletter I heard the word, “Confessions.” It’s probably inspired by the dozens of emails that I get these days where people are baring their souls. Sometimes I’m in tears by 9 AM. Some are heart wrenching, some are sad. All of…


What Motivates and Engages Your People?

There are many things that seem to motivate people – independence, recognition, power, prestige, money, achievement, security, personal growth, professional challenge, collaboration, creativity.   A best friend of mine used to be motivated by being given the opportunity to work on the holidays others took off so she could take off on days when others…

Happy Customer

Are You Cultivating Your Greatness?

Who are you when you are at your best? When you’re living in your strengths how do others see you? How do you see yourself?   If I asked you to find a “superhero name” what would THAT part of your self be called?   When you think back over your successes, what do they…


Really? A Birthday Breakthrough?

Last week was some week! A great workshop with a client outside of Atlanta, lunch with a lifelong fan, an amazing and life changing visit with friends Karen and Connie (who are colleagues) a joint birthday celebration with Karen AND an amazing birthday party (for me!) back here in FL at the beach – on…