You Became A What?

Going deeper. Diving in. Being reminded that before leading others you must lead yourself.
Last weekend for three days I became part of what was an incredible experience – and experiment When you think about it when you are the “first” of anything you are….


Do you like green eggs and ham?

“I do not like green eggs and ham, I do not like them Sam I am. I do not like them in a house, I do not like them with a mouse. I would not eat them here – or there – I would not eat them anywhere..”1   If you’ve read that marvelous children’s…


How CAN you beat burnout?

Are your employees burning out? I sure hope not, but it’s quite possible you have a few who  feeling a little singed. The rates of burnout have been climbing steadily every year. 1.In 2021 it was reported to be 13.5%. In 2002, 59% and now it’s at 77%! YIKES!   When I was at the…


Enjoy the Magic of Gratitude

Science tells us that recognizing, appreciating, and giving thanks for positive moments, people and things in our lives is healing. Gratitude makes us more resilient to stress, it helps us get along better with others, it helps us achieve more and be more helpful and generous to others. Grateful people are less depressed and are…


Are you worried about “Quiet Quitting?”

Are you worried about “Quiet Quitting?”   It seems that every time I open an email that relates to employees, I see the words “Quiet Quitting.” I just finished work in Tampa FL yesterday where I spoke to 3 groups of Chief Executives and “Key” Executives over the last three days. The topic came up…

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The Customer CARE Credo

There’s never been a time when great customer care mattered more than it does now. The economy is “funky” and consumer confidence is too. The customers who are buying have scores of choices of where to buy and how to buy.  And now, almost every product and service out there has been “commoditized” so it’s…