Countdown to Customer Happiness Week:

13 Days and 5 Extra Special Customer Care Tips! Customer Happiness Week, aka Customer Service Week 2011, is less than two weeks away! In my last tip I gave you 11 easy yet powerful ways you can celebrate your precious employees from October 3-7. In today’s tip we focus on your precious customers, the people…


Happiness Happens

All day yesterday I had been meaning to write this post, but one thing after another kept me from it. I wanted to call it “Oh Happy Day” but thought better of it after I saw the news last night.

The news hasn’t been very good, in fact it’s downright bad.

So how do I have the nerve to talk about happiness?

Because learning how to create it and sustain it (and all the other positive emotions) can help to increase productivity, creativity, health and well-being at work and at home.

Does Your Culture Support Your Exquisite Service?

Last week I had the opportunity to do the luncheon speech for the Merit Direct Co-op in NY. I’ve been speaking at their “Co-op”, an event that pulls together their clients, suppliers, prospects and the luminaries in their industry, for many years. Going back in July feels like “old home week” for me. Each year…